Werner & Maxine from Weaverville had there HVAC  system replaced and writes: We wish we had you install  our first system. Thanks for an excellent job well done. We  will think of you when we are cool in the summer and  warm in the winter.  Susan from Lewiston had her evaporative cooler replaced  and writes: Thank you for the positive experience. Couldn’t get this any sooner! Just turned on coolers. Cliff from Trinity Center had his HVAC System replaced  and write: Helpful! Best Product! Neatly Done! Immediate  Response! Thank you Very Much! Barbara from Weaverville had her HVAC System repaired  and writes: I thought it may be a week or more before I  could get an appointment. Instead the service man came  the same day I called. Many thanks! Dave from Lewiston had his furnace repaired and writes:  Thank you for the prompt and professional service that  you and your office staff provided. We are very pleased to  know you are in the valley to take care of our furnace  needs. Kristina from Weaverville had a new HVAC system  installed and writes: A very efficient system and the house  gets warm in minutes.  Gay from Weaverville had her HVAC system replaced and  writes: Caleb & Justin were extremely courteous and  considerate regarding noise. A pleasure to have on the  installation - also a great heater. The staff at Trinity Heating & Air Conditioning would like to thank our valued customers for their support and feed back.